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Gated POA Annual Election for Saturday November 7, 2015

The annual election for Summer Place North Gated POA will be held at 1pm on Saturday November 7, 2015 at Larry Franzen's cabin (Lot 87, corner of Windy and Tenney).

The following items will be on the agenda:
1. Repair of gate
2. Weed Control
3. Results of officer balloting
4. Results of Bylaws voting
5. Newsletter name
6. Update in Executive meeting about delinquent property owners' assessments (board members only!)

posted (November 2, 2015)

Web Site and Email Notifications

The association's website is for everyone.  If you would like to receive email notifications, post information/pictures or find anything not working on the website then please email Webmaster.
   - posted (October 4, 2009)



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